Lodge of Hope 302
Lodge of Hope 302


Some historical news stories from 2014.

July 2014 – Golf Day


On Tuesday 15 July the Lodge held its annual Golf Day, which as usual was very well attended. This event has become one of the most popular occasions of our social calendar and this year it was more popular than ever, joined by Brethren from near and far.


As on previous occasions it was held as usual at the Howley Hall Golf Club, Morley, Leeds, and organised with his customary efficiency and enthusiasm by our Golf Steward (and IPM) W Bro Ian Thompson. Golfers teed off from 12.30pm onwards and were joined by the rest of us for dinner at 7pm, followed by the announcement of the winners in the different categories and the presentation of prizes.

A group of prize winners at the golf competition.
Lodge of Hope WM Gary Webster presents W Bro Ian Thompson with the Des Longbottom trophy

June 2014 – celebrating a 50th Anniversary


On 2nd June 2014 the Lodge celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Initiation of our most senior member, W Bro Brian Walker, in an emotive ceremony. The high esteem and appreciation in which W Bro Walker is held was demonstrated by the presence of 73 Brethren, including 48 visitors. Amongst the distinguished visitors attending were the Right Worshipful Bro John K Clayton, Past Provincial Grand Master, W Bro H Woodward, Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Province of East Lancashire, and W Bros M S Storey, Stuart G Carley and Colin Dent, all Past Assistant Provincial Grand Masters.


The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro D Stuart Cummins, escorted by the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies W Br R Payne, attended in representation of the Provincial Grand Master. In what was both an emotive and good humoured exchange, W Bro Cummins engaged W Bro Walker in a reminiscence of his life and his Masonic career.


One of the many aspects highlighted of W Bro Walker’s outstanding contribution to Freemasonry was the key role he has played in developing the Lodge’s twinning with the Lodge Zum Hellen Licht 169, of Hamm, Germany, of which he has also been a member for 30 years. In recognition of his Masonic services, particularly his contribution to fraternal relations between the two countries, the Grand Lodge of Germany awarded W Bro Walker its Silver Medallion and Collarette. This is the German equivalent of Grand Honours, and at the time he received it, he was one of only ten living Brethren holding the award, and the only non-German. In similar recognition, on 2010 he was awarded the Provincial Grand Master’s Certificate of Service to Craft Masonry.


On behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Cummins then presented W Bro Walker a scroll to commemorate his 50 years of service to Freemasonry.

Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro D Stuart Cummins presents W Bro Brian Walker with his 50th Anniversary Certificate watched by WM Gary Webster

March 2014 – Ladies’ Evening


As usual the arrival of Spring was celebrated with a Ladies’ Evening or Spring Ball, held on Saturday 29 March 2014 at our home of Spring Bank Place. A very successful evening was presided by Gary and Margaret Webster and enjoyed by 72 Ladies, Brethren and their guests, with dinner followed by a disco provided by Phil Crabtree.

2014 – a busy Masonic year for the Lodge of Hope


This has been an exciting and successful year for the Lodge, welcoming four new members and a joining member, as well as Passing three Brethren to the degree of Fellowcraft, and Raising four Brethren to the rank of Master Masons.

Worshipful Master Gary Webster congratulates new Master Mason on his Raising

 Four candidates were Initiated as Entered Apprentices, three of them students at the University of Bradford and the fourth a recent graduate from the University. To add to the symbolism of the newly Initiated Entered Apprentices, all of them are Lewises, that is to say sons of Freemasons.


The word Lewis is a term belonging to the ancient times of operative Masonry, and signifies an iron cramp that attached to a pulley and hook allowed operative Masons to lift heavy stones. Symbolically the son of a Mason is called a Lewis alluding to the fact that their Initiation into Freemasonry supports their fathers’ work.

Double initiation ceremony, from left Senior Warden, a Candidate’s father, his son, the Worshipful Master, with the second Candidate and the Junior Warden.
From left: Bro Mark Simmons, W M Gary Webster, Bro Ben Simmons and W Bro Bruce Clitherow, representative of the Universities Scheme.

Two of the new Entered Apprentices then had their Second degree ceremonies conducted at other Bradford Lodges, both to enhance their experience and to assist our Lodge with what already a busy Masonic calendar.


One had his Second degree or Passing ceremony on 10 June 2014 at Felicity Lodge 6001 at the Spring Bank Masonic Hall and the other was Passed on 1st July 2014 at Prince of Wales Lodge 1648, also at the Spring Bank Masonic Hall, and were supported at both occasions by a good number of Brethren from the Lodge of Hope.

Passing Ceremony for a member of the Lodge of Hope at the Lodge of Felicity. The Candidate is congratulated by the WM of the Lodge of Felicity watched by Lodge of Hope’s WM Gary Webster.
Passing ceremony for a member of the Lodge of Hope at Prince of Wales Lodge. From left; Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master David Pratt, Lodge of Hope’s Worshipful Master Gary Webster, the Candidate and W Bro Alan Hurdley, WM of the Prince of Wales

January 2014 – Ladies After Lodge


The Worshipful Master, Bro Gary Webster, successfully started his year in office with a Ladies After Lodge, held the evening of Monday 6 January 2014. This is a traditional social event in which the members of the Lodge invite their ladies and friends, to join them for a banquet, followed by musical entertainments. The name derives from the tradition that the banquet, or Festive Board, followed a regular Lodge meeting, but in recent years that meeting takes place earlier in the day, leaving the evening for the social occasion.


On this opportunity, the 64 Brethren and guests attending, after the Festive Board, were delighted by the musical entertainment provided by Ms Ria Moran, a vocalist and pianist, with a superb rendition of popular melodies. 

December 2013 – Installation of a new Worshipful Master


Once a year, on the first Monday of December, the Lodge renews its leadership. On Monday 2nd December 2013 Bro Gary Webster was installed as Master of the Lodge and invested his officers in a superb ceremony combining traditional Masonic ritual with the vibrancy provided by the Lodge’s members, with young Masons delivering parts of the ceremony.


The Installation was attended by 72 Brethren, including 46 visitors and several members of our twin lodge in Hamm, Germany, Lodge Zum Hellen Licht 169. The Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro John B Gledhill attended representing the Provincial Grand Master, escorted by W Bro R Payne, Assistant Provincial Director of Ceremonies. Amongst the many distinguished visitors were also W Bro D Stuart Cummins, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, and W Bro Stewart G Carley, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

Newly-installed Worshipful Master Gary Webster with Brethren of the Lodges of Hope and Zum Hellen Licht at the Installation.
Part of the display of pictures donated to the Lodge of Hope by the Lodge Zum Hellen Licht.

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